Friday, 4 May 2012

03. Light

Here is my take on the third theme in the 100 themes challenge - Light. It's my interpretation of the sun personified. Again, I'm trying to improve my speed, so this was completed in about 2-3hours from sketch to final thing.

I was planning to complete the challenge in numerical order and you don't have to be a genius to see i've skipped past number two already, but I promise you there is a valid reason for this. The subject for number two was 'Love' and I drew a sketch of a character cuddling a cat in a towel after bringing her in from the rain. This idea was based on my love for my cat Shadow. Unfortunately, a few days after I drew the sketch nearly two weeks ago, 16 year old Shadow had to be put to sleep and passed away. 

Understandably I was distraught. I'm starting to feel better now but I feel i'm in no position to tackle the colouring of that particular sketch just yet. I thought of sketching something else but I want to stick with my initial idea and fully intend to complete it at some point during the challenge. Interestingly, looking back, Shadow also featured in my first go at the challenge in this version from over four years ago (and also in my first go at 'Light' too! - Although she has the terrible scale of a panther!) She was a fantastic cat and she'll be greatly missed. 

Original 'Love' -

Original 'Light' -

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