Friday, 30 August 2013

Adventure is out There

Hey everyone,

I've been terrible at keeping up with social media and updating my blog over the last month. I thoroughly intend to sort that out as soon as possible! Over the last few weeks my life has taken a dramatic, and unexpected turn; I was approached by a mobile and social games company, who loved my work but... they were based in Gibraltar. 

I pursued it (mostly out of curiosity) and did a few Skype interviews before getting invited out there to meet everyone in the studio and explore the country. It's really an amazing place, I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone to visit. It's like a Mediterranean Britain!

A very hard decision followed. Freelance work has been going really well over the last year, I have a long term boyfriend of nearly 6 years who has a fantastic job as a VFX supervisor in London, not to mention leaving everything I know and my friends and family. I weighed it all up; Dan and I decided we could make it work and could afford to fly back and forth to spend time together. My friends and family didn't take much convincing to come and stay in my Spanish apartment and my wages would be enough to allow me to fly back at least once a month so I wouldn't be disappearing full stop.

Very, VERY long story short; last week I accepted the job as an Interactive Designer with emphasis on Character Design. I will be flying my beloved London nest and moving to Spain tomorrow (!). Dan and I are embarking on an epic road trip across Europe, down through France and Spain to hopefully arrive at my new coastal apartment Sunday night. Obviously I will be offline for a while until I get the internet sorted and get settled over there, so this will be the last update for a week or two. Thank you for baring with me! 

This is all very crazy and I have no idea how it's got to this point but I have a good feeling about it all!

... Adventure is out there!