Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Sketch Dailies 2014

I looked at my Blogger dashboard to see that I, shamefully, had fewer uploads this year than the last four years. I have a proper New Years post due any day now but in the mean time i've done some tidying up and catching up with sketches and artwork that has been posted elsewhere throughout the year. Starting with a great discovery during 2014 - Sketch Dailies. If you somehow haven't heard of Sketch Dailies, check out the amazing plethora of work over at -


19/02/2014 - 'Mermaid'

05/03/2014 - 'Three Blind Mice'

06/03/2014 - 'Beetlejuice'

18/03/2014 - 'Fake Pokemon'

01/05/2014 - 'Caipora'

06/05/2014 - 'Miss Frizzle'

07/05/2014 - 'Serpent'

20/05/2014 - 'Merlin'

22/05/2014 - 'Storm'

17/11/2014 - 'Rafiki'

21/11/2014 - 'Snow White'

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


I can hardly believe it's that time of year again! Christmas is nearly here and although i've been struck down with the lurgy this week it isn't dampening my festive spirit. Here's the rare, but sought after, cousin of the flying reindeer - the Candycanedeer!

If I don't get to post again before the big day; have a wonderful Christmas everyone :) Eat, drink and be merry!