Sunday, 18 September 2011

Illustration Friday - Boundaries

This is the first Illustration Friday topic I've been able to do something for since finishing my university work. Unfortunately, I have also been catching up with my friends and rebuilding a social life which has meant I was unable to finish it in time for last Friday - whoops! 

Anyway, here it is. I've gone for a literal take on the topic - Boundaries, the focus on this piece was more one of experimentation. Doing these exercises I really want to push myself and work outside of my comfort zone. So I went for a different camera angle than I would usually chose and some strong exposure. I enjoyed playing around with the exposure and using it to create atmosphere, without blowing it out too much and losing the colour palette I was working with. Overall i'm happy with the outcome and looking forward to starting on this week's topic - Mesmerized.

Canadian Geese

This afternoon I have been mostly; drawing geese. Here are a selection of sketches I added some quick colour to. I really enjoyed playing around with different styles, it's definitely something I want to do more of in the future. 

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Domestic Goddess

I begin this new spate of artwork with a little thank you to a person who has helped contribute to it. My lovely friend Lexie was my first visitor to come and congratulate me after completing my Ma and came bearing a card and presents of a new sketchbook, pencils, rubber and sharpener... She knows me too well. Anyway, here is the coloured version of the first sketch in my new sketch book - a portrait of Lexie. She has recently moved into a new house, with her partner, and I loved hearing how she is becoming quite the domestic goddess!

Blog Relaunch!

Wow, I knew I hadn't been great at maintaining my blog but I had no idea it had been neglected for seven months! Over the past year I have been completing my Masters degree and general life has had to be put on hold. There has been very little evidence of a social life and even less existence of sleep. However on Wednesday 7th September I handed in my final degree project and my formal education was over after eighteen years! I'm officially in the big wide world now, scary and exciting. 

So back to the blog; things are going to change- firstly a new look. I also aim to  update this blog at least twice a week with some new artwork. Ironically, even though I've been doing a MA in Animation I've had very little time to draw in the last three months due to the production of my short film (Trionfi). I've also had absolutely no time for personal work. Now I have a lot more time I really want to develop and grow as an artist and spend a whole lot more time on short exercises in different styles and subjects. 

Here we go!