Sunday, 18 September 2011

Illustration Friday - Boundaries

This is the first Illustration Friday topic I've been able to do something for since finishing my university work. Unfortunately, I have also been catching up with my friends and rebuilding a social life which has meant I was unable to finish it in time for last Friday - whoops! 

Anyway, here it is. I've gone for a literal take on the topic - Boundaries, the focus on this piece was more one of experimentation. Doing these exercises I really want to push myself and work outside of my comfort zone. So I went for a different camera angle than I would usually chose and some strong exposure. I enjoyed playing around with the exposure and using it to create atmosphere, without blowing it out too much and losing the colour palette I was working with. Overall i'm happy with the outcome and looking forward to starting on this week's topic - Mesmerized.

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