Friday, 18 February 2011

Spare time doodles

I've recently had a rare week of spare time between semesters to do a few little private projects.(Click image for larger size)

This first piece was for the profile challege over at Design a Character on Deviant art. They have some great challenges over there, I always avoid looking at what other people produce until after i've finished mine. It's always nice to see all the different ideas that people come up with! The idea is they provide you with the solid black outline of the shape and you have to fill them in with a character. 

Another challenge from Design a Character. This time it was to design a character based on a description they provided (Inlcuded in the picture).

Got the idea for drawing this creature when I came across this blog a few weeks ago: [link]

It's described on the blog as -
"The Angha is a Persian monster also known as the Simurgh (and other variations of this spelling)

The Angha is said to have the front head and body of a dog, the wings and tail of a peacock and the claws of a lion. This monstrous mesh is often said to be gigantic enough to fly off with an elephant or a whale clasped in its talons. Showing up in Iranian art and literature, the huge dog-bird is a dangerous beast with a varied history. Benevolent in nature the Angha always lives near water, and one of the most famous myths surrounded a particular Angha (a female) claiming it as a protector of the tree of life. It protects the tree from people looking to steal it's wisdom without first earning it. In some legends the Angha can actually purify water from poisons and encourage fertility"

Obviously this is only my brief interpretation, I had to cut short the time I spent on it as i'm back at university now. If possible i'd love to continue with this challenge.

This is just a quick little something I did today in photoshop while rendering my current 3D project (it's not the easiest thing in the world to do - let me tell you!).

A little valentine gift for my bf- the worlds biggest owl fan. He had a bouquet of two dozen red roses delivered to my door, and he received this. I think you can tell who (or hooo -lulz) got the raw end of this deal.

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