Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Miss Scarlett

Miss Scarlett, or Rose, is a character from a personal project of mine based on a modern take on Cluedo/Clue. Murder at Mystic Mountains centres around the theme park mogul and owner Mr Black and the mystery surrounding his murder on opening day of the parks biggest ride.

Young, cunning and highly attractive. Rose started working at the Mystic Mountains theme park in her teens with her her sights set high for great success. From the off she used her intelligence, business savy and good looks to quickly rise up the line of command. Intent on bringing herself to the attention of the executives of the company to elevate her career, Rose set her sights on becoming the poster girl for the parks new ride soon after its initial conception. She was soon chosen as the park employee who would accompany Mystic Mountains owner, the eccentric Mr Black on his first ride of the new attraction. As such she was the first to discover his body when they emerged into the light of the loading platform...

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