Monday, 1 July 2013

Summit Plummet iPhone Case

Unfortunately, a few weekends ago, after nearly three wonderful years together my beloved iPhone4 was stolen while I was in a bar in London :( Massive sad/frustrating/angry emotions gave way to the realisation that I needed a new phone. Off I went to my first ever trip to the Apple store where i walked out with a shiny new iPhone5 (that I will now be guarding with my life). I'm one of those people that won't take my phone out of the house without a bullet proof case and a perfectly positioned screen protector. Hence, my iPhone4 was in beautifully mint condition after nearly three years *cry*

The long and short of this anecdote was that I decided to illustrate a design that could be printed as my iPhone case. I wanted to make something that makes me smile, as i'll be looking at it a lot - as my phone's always on me. I also wanted to play on the longer, thinner shape of the iPhone5. All this culminated in Summit Plummet. If you have no idea what this is have a read here:

It's not spot on the reference as I wanted to adapt it for my purpose. It's also a more graphical style than I usually go for but I thought it'd work best :)

Here's some photos on it on my phone!

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