Sunday, 19 February 2012

CG Talk Daily Sketch - 'Gun'

I used to browse CG talk's Daily Sketch forum a lot during the summer holidays between my years at uni and revisited recently for a bit of inspiration and to see what's going on. I was sad to see the forum's decline in popularity and activity but credit to Roberto Otiz for maintaining a presence and continuing to post new topics. 

I decided to go for a topic totally out of my comfort zone - 'Gun'. I can honestly say i've never drawn a gun before and gave a lot of thought to the composition. This piece was great for experimenting with different ideas like using different textures and a limited colour palette. 

I'm not sure exactly how long this took. I was working on it, on and off after work, for the past week. I'd say it was about 6-7 hours in total. Here's what I had after the 30 minute deadline:

The CG Talk thread can be found here: 
(My user name is 'Scotty10'.)

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